Wednesday, January 30, 2008

When the Star That is Your Life...

slipped from behind silk clouds and
dropped its honeyed beam on my heart,
I felt the earth twist...

like a balloon tugged on its cord,
a planet skimmed by a meteor,
a life altered by one word.

Now that the world is new;
Fresh rain crowns us with blessing,
the cup of our hearts brim with hope.

I watch the light rise in your eyes
as the first drop of water springs
from blue rocks, the first summer

bird song brightens the dawn.
"Nothing sounds prettier than
the voice of the one you love,"

someone said, and your voice, gentle
and loving, graces my life. Our
hands meet, and we move together;

our lives, our relationship, a constellation
of new light, sparkle in a divine galaxy.

Written for my daughter, Marika's, October, 2007 wedding to Nathan Gillis
and also published in slightly different form in the chapbook
"Do You Believe in Idaho: Poetry from Page and Stage."

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