Friday, March 7, 2008

A Morning Prayer

Holy Creator;

I ask today for the grace that
all my thoughts, words, and actions,
all my motives, inclinations, and desires,
all my activities, opinions, and aspirations
be directed purely to the praise and service of your Divine Majesty.

May my spirit be gracious, loving ,and forgiving.

May all my hostilities and frustrations,
my anger and pettiness
be swept away
in the river
of the water of life
that flows from your throne.

May my life shower the fruit of the tree of life
for the shalom, healing, and restoration of
all whose lives touch mine today.

May your name be written clearly on my forehead for all to see.

May my heart be broken again,
broken open so widely that the whole world falls in,
a wide-open welcome to enemies and friends.

I ask for the courage and wisdom,
to respond rather than react,
to help rather than hurt,
to understand rather than judge,
to care rather than criticize, and
to seek the good of those who are hurting and harming me.

May I trust in your protection instead of my own defenses.

In all of my life today, I turn myself over to you.
Keep me in your hands.
And in everything I am grateful.

This prayer was adapted from one written by my pastor, Linda Nafziger-Meiser. I've used it frequently in the past few years.

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