Saturday, June 14, 2008

At This Beginning of Our New Future...

At This Beginning Of Our New Future...

There is a single light shining...
love from a spring of love,
flowing from the earth.

As love grows, and assumes the
glorious shapes of our sharing;
we breathe and whisper it out,

we watch and listen, and turn about.
Love is a song, a breath, a choice,
it's a decision, a life style;

and as the dawn turns to daylight,
the evening to twilight, we smile.
It's your left hand in my right,

my right in your left, the touch
still there, even if miles apart,
our love flows from heart to heart.

Love is a song that never ends,
a warm blanket in the cold wind;
a comfort, a quilt, sheltering you

and me; hearts always together, as
the shore forever clings to the sea.
Our love is a light in the darkest

night, a drop of water on the
desert sand, it's a kind word
on a wounded heart, a pleasant

stroll in a spectacular park,
a feeling that may range
from tolerance to worship,

the same word on each lip, the
same thought at the same time,
two lives that mesh and rhyme.

We start this new life as one;
our love blesses with love from
the creator, who lights up our

lives, like the love-light from a sun,
a light that touches and heals everyone
from here we live and love on...

At This Beginning Of Our New Future...

Leonard Nolt

Written for my daughter, Lindsay Nolt, in celebration of her August 2, 2008 marriage to Nathan Hixon.