Saturday, March 17, 2012

"...the hugh investments flowing from China, Europe, and Japan are intended not just to transform their energy sectors, but also to transform their economies by wresting technological and production leadership from the United States. "...the continuing quagmire of U.S. political fighting over energy policies and climate change and the hostility of the Republican Party toward renewable energy are discouraging continued investment here and threatening our long-term prospects."

"It is striking that our primary industrial competitors - Europe, China, and Japan - not only accept the reality of climate change and the need to transition toward a low-carbon economy, but they embrace and seek to dominate this transiton as a source of jobs and economic growth. Only in the United States are ideology and oil money impeding this transition. Even those who question climate change should embrace our renewable energy and energy-efficiency industries as economic drivers that can help pull the United States out of its economic doldrums."

by Douglas A. Ruley, from the Nov/Dec. issue of Solar Today, Page 33.