Friday, January 4, 2008


Like my inspiring daughter, Marika, I'll be including lists of books and sometimes magazines that have been a part of my life. Most of these I've read but I will include others that I've just closely scrutinized, sometimes only reading excerpts of. Obviously this doesn't work for novels, but it can for collections of poetry and also for non-fiction books, some of which have summaries at the end of each chapter or section. Books have been a life-giving part of my existance ever since I can remember and they continue to, as I put it, "follow me home from book stores and libraries." I open the door for them and direct them to the nearest shelf, or in some cases to a stack on the floor where they wait patiently for my attention. They sometimes solicit instructions from my patient wife, Karen to "clean up the books" in the "study," which is the room where most of them reside. Reading has molded my life as well as my political and religious beliefs, and it continues to be a source of information and inspiration. I don't expect that to change.

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