Friday, May 8, 2009


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Susie Mallett said...

I have just enjoyed an hour over my lunch browsing your blog. It has been a wonderful way to spend part of my Sunday, thank you.

The photos are wonderful, the quotes and the pictures of signs and Tshirts are thought provoking and I have read enough of the longer posting to want to return when I have time to read more.

I discovered your blog through Andrew Sutton's Conductive World where you recently commented on his posting about bullying in the workplace, or mobbing as it is called here in Germany.

As you say in one of your postings it seems that mobbing is more prevalent in Health and Education. It needs to be stopped.

I loved the pictures of the spray painted, half buried, Cadilacs and your pictures taken while walking the route you usually run.

I often ask the children I work with what they saw on their route that morning. They can rarely tell me. I suggest they take time to look and the next day we discuss the most interesting "events".

Thank you for a lovely hour.

Susie Mallett
Conductor, Germany