Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Extreme" Truth

I saw this sign on a church in Boise a few weeks ago. It raises some questions that are difficult to answer. For example: How does extreme truth differ from simply "truth?" Is it a less common truth, or a less obvious one? Where does one go to find the "extreme truth" assuming it's not at the same location as the "truth?" I suppose I could have attended a service there to find out what the extreme truth is, but I didn't, although I admit it was mildly tempting. However I'm afraid I might be disappointed. Some more questions arise, like which direction does one go to find the extreme truth, right or left, up or down, or somewhere else? Should I assume that this extreme truth might be controversial, that it might not be easily accepted as the truth? Do I really need the extreme truth or am I just as well off with the simple truth? In writing classes I've been reminded mumerous times that good writing is made up of strong nouns and verbs, that adjectives often weaken or obscure communication. I think this may be a good example of an adjective undermining quailty communication.

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