Friday, June 4, 2010

On Families and Poverty

I don't know more about it than what this article contains, but this effort in the San Jose, CA to provide affordable housing near public transportation for underprivileged families seems to be something needed in most large cities in this country: I almost daily use the city buses here in my home town of Boise, ID and it's clear that many people who use buses in Boise would not have access to any form of transportation if the bus service was not available, since they do not drive or even own a car. The same is true for many cities in this country
As Jim Wallis stated in the May 29 issue of
"Forty-four percent of all homeless people work, have jobs, and yet still can't afford houses" Wallis goes on to point out how wrong this situation is, especially in a country with all the wealth and resources found in the US. Certainly providing affordable housing for underprivileged and homeless people is the right way to go, but that housing must be located near public transportation options so the residents can get to their jobs.

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